May 11, 2013

Video of the new Verbos 247v sequential voltage source


Here's a quick video of my 247v module in my Buchla 200 cabinet. It shows some of the sequencing features. The 247v is connected to a 259, 281 and 292. The 281 is in sustained mode to get the benefits of the variable pulse length on the 247v. To start, I run it from it's internal clock and switch around the stages' on-off-slide switches. Then, I run it from an external pulse from the 281. This shows how the TIME MULT control acts like a pulse length/slide length control. I then show some tricks with patching stages into the strobe input and send in voltage to the analog input from an off stage 254 to select which stages are playing. There are loads more features, using the yellow inputs to make envelopes and stuff. I hope this starts to show it off...